Rear Ended Accident Lawyers in Redding

Helping Clients with Cases Involving Rear-End Accidents

Though many people assume that rear-end accidents are minor accidents, they can actually cause extensive injuries and are one of the most common types of auto accidents. However, our Redding rear-end accident lawyer’s experience has proven that in reality, even a seemingly small fender bender can cause painful injuries, such as major sprains of the spine, fractured vertebrae, and concussions.

Someone Is Not Always at Fault

Most of the time, the driver that hit you is at fault. They should have kept more distance between their car and yours or should have been driving at a slower speed. So if this is the case, is the legal process really that complicated? The answer is yes.

Many personal injury cases involve a lot of questioning. Some of these questions include:

  • Was there enough damage to the cars involved in your crash to cause injuries?
  • Did you have the injuries before the accident?
  • Did you not go to the doctor enough?
  • Did you visit the doctor soon enough?
  • Did that doctor charge too much?
  • Did you go to the doctor too many times?
  • Did you go to the right doctor?
  • Why didn’t your doctor tell you to do treatments that probably wouldn’t have worked, just in case they would have worked?
  • Did you remember to complain about every pain or injury you got in the rear-end accident?
  • Did your doctor tell you to do treatments that didn’t work?

The insurance companies are going to fight you no matter what. If the fault isn’t the reason, something else will be. Remember, it’s the adjuster’s job to argue with you, no matter what.

We Are Here When Things Become Complicated

Sometimes a bad driver can rear-end you and cause you to run into the person ahead of you. This can make your case more complex. You may be asked questions regarding how close you were to the car in front of you and who hit who first. While these types of cases are difficult to litigate, clients know they can count on our experienced car accident attorney in Redding to defend them.

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