Property Negligence Attorneys in Redding, CA

Helping Clients Handle Cases of Property Owner Negligence

Sustaining an injury while on another’s property can be a traumatic experience. Our property negligence attorneys in Redding know that our bodies are breakable and that serious injuries can occur after a hard fall or impact – anything from fractures to concussions to burns.

Did a Negligent Property Owner Cause Your Injury?

Even when people are taking care of business, the world is a pretty dangerous place. It becomes much more so when someone’s negligence creates a hazard.

Did a faulty or improperly maintained stairwell, floor, walkway, deck, or other dangerous condition, such as a termite-infested deck that can’t support the average human weight, cause your injury?

Our firm has defended hundreds of people that have been injured in all kinds of accidents caused by negligent property owners, and as a result, our Redding personal injury attorney knows how to handle these cases correctly. They require entirely different tactics in comparison to motor vehicle accident cases, and folks unprepared for these difficulties often lose their battles before they even begin.

We Can Work with You under Virtually Any Circumstances

Our property negligence attorneys at The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold, Inc. are happy to:

  • Use fax and email to send you all of the necessary documents
  • Come to you if you are unable to come to us
  • Advance all of your fees so you won’t be charged anything until your case concludes

Our experienced legal team takes the time to understand what you need. We have worked tirelessly to prosecute claims against negligent property owners for countless individuals. Clients trust us when we say that we know how to stand up for you!

Get in touch with our knowledgeable property negligence attorneys to request a free case evaluation. The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold can fight for your rights to fair compensation. To contact us, please call if you’re in the Santa Rosa, Roseland, or Sonoma County, CA area.