Drunk Driver Accident Attorneys in Redding, CA

Pursuing Maximum Compensation for Your Injuries

Every day, we are reminded through billboards, radio commercials, and television ads to never drive while drunk. However, people still choose to drive under the influence every single day. As we all know, this is a bad decision and one that the irresponsible driver may regret for the rest of their life. Unfortunately, many people decide to drive while intoxicated. This is usually because they don’t want to wait for a cab or they think that they are sober enough to drive. Whatever the case may be, they are putting their lives and the lives of others at risk.

Many innocent people become victims of drunk driving accidents, and our drunk driver accident attorneys in Redding, CA has experience helping clients get the compensation that they deserve for their injuries.

Fortunately, as the victim in a drunk driving case, you will have an easier time getting a fair settlement. Here’s why:

  • Judges and jurors do not look favorably upon negligent acts like drinking and driving
  • As the plaintiff, you are allowed to seek punitive damages against the opposite party, increasing your recovery.

Helping Clients Get What They Deserve

The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold, Inc. can help you maximize your compensation so you don’t have to worry about finding a way to pay for the car damage and medical bills. Our drunk driving accident lawyer in Redding has dedicated his life to bringing justice to the injured. We work hard to defend your rights.

The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold can provide you with the legal guidance that you need. For a free case evaluation and trustworthy representation, contact us if you’re in the Santa Rosa, Roseland, or Sonoma County, CA area.