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It probably does not come as a surprise that rear-end collisions are the most common type of car accident. Unfortunately, they are often mistaken for a “minor” crash that doesn’t cause injury. At The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold, our experience has shown us otherwise. Even a rear-end accident that seems minor can cause painful injuries such as concussions, fractured vertebrae, and major sprains of the spine.

Our car accident lawyer in Santa Rosa has handled many cases for those injured in rear-end collisions and the injuries listed above are just a few of the many types of pain that victims experience.


Most of the time, the person who hits you is usually to blame for the accident. They should have been going slower or put more distance between their car and yours. In these types of incidents, it can be difficult to tell what the fight is really about.

Just like many other personal injury cases, you may be asked:

  • Did you have any injuries before the accident occurred?
  • Was there enough damage to the vehicles involved to cause injuries?
  • How soon after the incident did you see your doctor?
  • What type of doctor did you see?
  • What kind of pains did you mention having right after the collision occurred?
  • How many times did you visit your doctor?
  • Did the doctor overcharge you?
  • Did the doctor provide you with treatments that didn’t work?

The insurance companies are going to fight you no matter what the situation is. If fault isn’t the reason, something else will be. We can stand up for you against these manipulating companies.


When drivers are rear-ended, they sometimes can be pushed into the person in front of them. This can make the case far more complicated because now the victim of the accident has just hit someone. If you were involved in this type of incident, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself. Were you following too closely? Who hit who first? These types of cases can be very difficult to fight, and even harder to prove without one of our experienced Santa Rosa car accident attorney on your side.


Handling all of the responsibilities that follow a car accident can be overwhelming, not to mention the pain and shock that you still may be suffering from the collision. The responsible party’s insurance company will try to haggle you into settling for less than what you deserve. Thankfully, The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold can predict the obstacles that you will most likely face when fighting the opposing insurance company. We have been in business for over 35 years and have proudly helped thousands of clients earn fair settlements.

If you don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to take on the insurance companies, let us do it for you! We can come to you if you cannot come to us. We can even discuss your matters on the phone with you and send the necessary documents via email and fax. If you are not up to talking on the phone, you can fill out a form and email it to us and we can take care of the rest. If your accident is leaving your wallet empty, we can hold all of your costs until the case concludes.

There are many reasons why so many clients turn to The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold for legal assistance that they can count on. Our accident lawyer in Santa Rosa is here to get you back on your feet.

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