Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Santa Rosa

Successfully Handling Accident Claims for Clients

In today’s society, pedestrians need to be constantly vigilant about the dangers of oncoming cars, trucks, or motorcycles. If you have walked anywhere recently, you know that it’s trouble out there. People are driving too fast, and not paying enough attention to the road while pedestrians are just trying to cross the street safely. As you might expect, the injuries from these types of accidents can be life-altering, as there isn’t a car around you to protect you from injury. It’s just your body and the three-ton mass of metal that hit you. After the accident, you can be broken and full of uncertainty. Insurance companies will take every advantage of these accident victims, whom they know are right in the midst of a traumatic event.


There is no need to face the insurance industry alone. Our personal injury attorney in Santa Rosa has decades of experience when it comes to dealing with pedestrian accident claims. Our firm has the resources and experience necessary to predict the tricks and tactics that insurance companies will try to use against you when you are in this vulnerable state. We can help get you the compensation that you are entitled to.

We find ways to assist virtually all of our clients, and we are happy to:

  • Come to you if you cannot come to our office
  • Exchange the necessary documents via email and fax
  • Push back the costs so you don’t have to pay until your case is resolved

We understand that this experience can be traumatizing. You’re in pain. You’re missing work. Hospital bills are piling up and your bank account has been depleted. It’s no wonder injury claimants are often suckered into signing away their claims for a low and unfair settlement.

The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold is a successful firm with well-practiced lawyer who has years of experience. We can help you face insurance companies with confidence and get you the compensation you deserve.

Reach out to our Santa Rosa pedestrian accident lawyer for the help you need. You can contact us by calling . We can happily provide you with a free case evaluation.