Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Santa Rosa

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Renowned for their style and accessibility, motorcycles have been a part of the traditional American image for decades. Everyone’s who ridden a motorcycle agrees that few things feel better than a good ride on an open road.

Of course, that freedom comes at a price. One of the biggest appeals is how closely the rider is connected to the road. In a motorcycle accident, the lack of barriers between the rider and the ground often means the victim’s body can make an uncomfortably close connection with unforgiving concrete and steel.

Motorcycle Accidents Are Serious Business

Motorcyclists are often seriously injured in accidents, as there is nothing protecting their fragile bodies from the two-ton cars and other large vehicles on the road.

Some of the most common injuries from motorcycle accident claims that we
have seen include:

  • Fractures
  • Concussions
  • Severe road rash

Presenting these injury claims well requires the assistance of an experienced Santa Rosa motorcycle accident lawyer. Without legal help, the insurance companies are likely to leave you and your best interests in the dust. It is at this point that many people turn to The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold for a well-practiced lawyer that knows how to successfully handle their claims.


The shock, pain, and financial deficit of being involved in a motorcycle accident can have a drastic effect on your future. Insurance companies like to take advantage of you as early as possible by suckering you into signing your claim away for a very low settlement. They will do whatever they can to save as much money as they can, with no sympathy for you or anyone else involved. Thankfully, our accident attorney in Santa Rosa is here to help you cope with the trauma of the motorcycle accident and get you the compensation that is rightfully yours.

The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold can work with you, even if you face difficult obstacles like:

  • You are unable to speak on the phone
  • You are unable to come to us
  • You are worried that your insurance rates might go up
  • You are unable to afford an attorney right away

This experience can be difficult to deal with for many victims, and insurance companies know that, which is why they try to sucker you into signing for a settlement that equates to far less than what you should receive for your injuries. Thankfully, The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold can predict and prevent what the insurance companies will try to do in order to walk away with your compensation money in their pockets. As one of our valued clients, we want to give you whatever help we can so you can move on and try to forget about this horrific experience.

Our firm has all of the knowledge and resources to provide you with what you need to resolve your claim. Contact us at for a free case evaluation.