Slip & Fall Accident Lawyers in Santa Rosa

Experienced in Dealing with Premises Liability Claims

We all know life has its ups and downs. Rarely do we feel this more literally than after a nasty fall. The human body is a fragile thing, and the trauma suffered during a hard fall can cause a variety of serious injuries, ranging from a sprained ankle to a broken hip.


Even when people are taking care of business, the world is a pretty dangerous place. It becomes much more so when someone’s negligence creates a hazard for the public.

We have represented hundreds of people injured in numerous types of slip-and-fall incidents, such as:

  • An invisible pool of water in the produce aisle
  • An improperly-placed manhole cover
  • A sudden drop-off in a walking surface

These incidents require an entirely different approach than motor vehicle accidents. No matter what the cause, our Santa Rosa personal injury attorney has the experience to handle virtually any type of slip-and-fall claim. We know what you need to prove your case. We’ve worked through the difficulties of prosecuting these types of claims for scores of injured claimants.


When dealing with an injury, the last thing most people want to think about is dragging the incident out. We understand that this process may be overwhelming, but The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold can make it simple. You don’t want to put yourself into debt by trying to pay off medical bills for an injury that you aren’t responsible for. Our injury attorney in Santa Rosa can take care of the work for you and fight for a settlement that’s fair.

You deserve to be defended by knowledgeable professionals that are experienced with slip and fall cases. We have the resources and the time to provide our clients with everything they need to get back on their feet. If we are unable to meet in person, we can get all of the information we need over the phone, and process documents through fax or email. If speaking on the phone is too difficult, you are also welcome to fill out the form below and send it to us in an email. Our firm is quick to respond. Even if you can’t afford it, we can advance all of your costs so you don’t have to pay a dime until the case concludes.

Contact us at for a free case evaluation. Our Santa Rosa slip and fall lawyer can help you take your next steps towards justice and fair compensation for your slip-and-fall injury.