Texting Driver Accident Lawyers in Santa Rosa

Helping You Recover after a Texting Driver Accident

The number of accidents that occur because drivers are distracted by texting is rising at an alarming rate. Drivers are increasingly giving their attention to their phones, instead of using it to focus on driving safely.

Our Santa Rosa personal injury attorney urges the seriousness of this matter. Recent studies suggest that texting while driving is as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. It just makes everything that much harder and a whole lot deadlier when things go wrong.

Despite the ad campaigns, pledges, and increased criminal penalties, people are still doing it. And it’s not just teens: little old ladies, parents, and even police officers are doing it behind the wheel, every
single day. And each time they do, they put you and your families’ lives at risk.


Texting can add new elements to your injury claim, as well as new questions. How can you prove that the person was texting? What’s the process behind finding that information out? How does it affect the value of your injury claim?

You shouldn’t have to suffer further by poking around in the dark for answers. Let our texting driver accident attorney in Santa Rosa help you hold the responsible party accountable.

Our car accident attorney is still able to help you, even if you face any of these obstacles:

  • We can come to you if you are unable to come to us
  • We can retrieve your information over the phone, and process documents
    through fax or email if you live in an isolated area
  • We understand if you are not comfortable speaking on the phone. That is why we provide the form below that you can send us via email
  • We are able to advance your fees until your case concludes if you are experiencing financial trouble
  • We can ensure that your insurance rates won’t increase if you are not at fault for the accident

Any sort of automobile accident can be a traumatizing experience. From dealing with your injuries to paying your medical bills and trying to get a hold of the opposing insurance companies, you are going through a lot. When faced with such adversity, it’s no wonder victims filing injury claims settle for less than what they’re entitled to.

Our knowledgeable personal injury attorney in Santa Rosa knows how to anticipate and avoid obstacles that insurance companies try to put between you and a rightful settlement. The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold has been in the business for over 35 years and has been helping clients get the compensation that they deserve from their injuries.

Our firm can help provide you with the legal assistance you need to get back on your feet. Contact us at to schedule your free case evaluation.