Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Chico

Have You Been Hit By A Car When You Were Riding Your Bicycle?

Bicycle accidents in California are on the rise. Most riders will tell you that with more people than ever choosing this mode of transportation, the potential for injuries is higher than ever. The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold understands that even for those experienced riders, it can be a dangerous way to travel.

Bicycling has steadily grown in popularity. It provides a chance to exercise, and it’s eco-friendly. Unfortunately, heavy vehicular traffic doesn’t mesh well with the rise in bicycling popularity. When drivers don’t pay attention, a bicyclist can be at risk, and sometimes with a fatal outcome.

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Special Considerations for Traffic Accidents Involving Bicycles

When a bicyclist is involved in an accident, there are additional questions to ask. Some of these are:

  • Which side of the road was the bike rider on?
  • Was a safety helmet worn by the biker?
  • Did the accident occur when the bike rider was in a crosswalk on the street or on a sidewalk?
  • Was the bike equipped with lights and other safety devices in compliance with the law?
  • How did the driver behave around the bike? If the driver did not treat the biker as a vehicle, was there negligence on the driver’s part?

The answers to these questions will factor into the settlement of your case. To get yourself back on the road and work your way through the intricacies of your case, give The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold a call today.

Our Personal Injury Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Chico Will Get You the Settlement You Deserve

It can be hard to start the process of filing a claim after an accident. You have to tell your side of the story in clear and definite terms. In circumstances where you might not even know what facts are important, presenting an insurance claim is daunting for most ordinary folks.

Such difficulties are powerful deterrents, and the insurance industry knows that many injured claimants simply won’t bother filing a claim. And oftentimes, those that do choose to go forward without the assistance of a skilled advocate on their side.

Max and his team work diligently to anticipate obstacles, and address them before they harm your injury claim. We will fight tenaciously on your behalf, and it is our job to be your ally. Let your lawyer worry about the legal process, so you can worry about healing and getting your life back together.

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