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Fallout from Boating Accidents in Chico & the Surrounding Areas

There is nothing like being able to make your way out on the open water to enjoy the amazing breeze and beautiful clear water. Every year, people all across the country hook up their boats, and zoom by to the nearest waterway for a day of fishing, swimming, or water-skiing.

Experience, however, has taught us all too well that when you mix powerful machinery and human operators on the water, things can go wrong fast. Whether it’s a wrong turn causing a collision between two watercraft or a careless pilot injuring a swimmer, one mistake made in a flash can have grave consequences for those involved. What’s more is that
injuries suffered during boating accidents are normally quite severe, if not outright life-threatening. Add to that all the different laws applicable to boating incidents, and it’s no wonder that most people trying to make such claims without the assistance of a skilled attorney risk sinking their own ship!

Common questions often include:

  • What are the different laws involved for my boating accident?
  • How do I make a claim with my insurance company?
  • What do I do if drugs or alcohol were involved and how will that impact my claim?
  • How do I go about recovering from my injuries?
  • What laws impact the value of my claim?

These are only some of the questions you will need to answer when making an injury claim, and it is essential that you have a professional on your side to cover all the bases. Our experienced Chico boating accident lawyers re offering free consultations today to discuss your case.

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