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Claim representatives from the other side can call you as quickly as two hours after your accident, while you are still disoriented and vulnerable from, say, an auto accident, or a dog bite. In this critical time, you could even be pressured into a rushed settlement on the very day you became a victim of someone else’s negligence.

An injury claim can be lost at the outset; most folks representing themselves often don’t realize this until it’s too late. The protection of your legal rights demands professional assistance from someone on your side. So get help immediately from an accident attorney who has practiced in this complex area of law for more than 25 years. We are dedicated to serving your interests exclusively, and what you don’t know can cost you everything. Level the playing field and win!


What Our Clients Say
  • I already left this review for the Redding office, but because all the offices are linked, I wanted to copy and paste this over here.

    So, I don’t have a lot of love for attorneys. Most of them strike me as cutthroat, distant, narcissistic sharks who think studying the law entitles them to an arrogance the size of their law school debts. Throw in the fact I’m from a pretty economically challenged background and most attorneys waste more money on booze in a month than I make in ten years, it is really difficult to must a lot of respect for them.

    When someone close to me retained these law offices for their personal injury suit, I had no illusions that things would be different. However, I would soon eat my words. Whereas I believed that Max and his associate attorneys would be the epitome of privilege, they were anything but. Max set my loved one on an immediately treatment plan and there were weekly calls from his secretarial staff, asking how things were going and how the pain was. Even better, despite our bad credit, he was able to negotiate liens with all of our medical providers, so our treatment professionals weren’t constantly hounding us for payment.

    When the case was finally litigated successfully, it was all thanks to the hard work of Max. I can’t say enough positive things about his extremely professional staff, his in-depth understanding of the law and ultimately his total dedication to us, the clients. I was initially apprehensive, because there really isn’t a lot on the Internet about this guy, but his picture is on the back of the phone book. I don’t know what that costs, but I don’t imagine that it’s particularly cheap, so eventually we reasoned he must have some kind of success to draw on.

    Since Yelp is our generation’s word-of-mouth, I thought I’d hop on here and give Max some free publicity. If you want a decent attorney who will make sure to put their needs ahead of yours, pick any random name for a Rolodex and hope you don’t drown in attorney’s fees. But if you want the best and most fair attorney in the Bay Area who will put your needs first, I cannot stress this enough: call Max.

    Savana S Santa Rosa, CA
  • Law offices of Max G Arnold really helped my son and I when we were injured in a car accident. I had called them just to get some information and the secretary Ellery informed me that they would be glad to help me free of charge unless I won my case, of which they would only take 30%, this was extremely beneficial to know! So I took advantage of their awesome services and was very well taken care of. From getting the medical care I needed for my son and I, to the expert help from Max G Arnold and associates, I was extremely pleased and won my case. I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs an accident attorney. Thanks Max G Arnold and Ellery Huddleston for your kind and wonderful service!!

    Helena D Chico, CA
  • My husband got in a really bad accident and I contacted Max Arnold for advise the staff in the office is professional and knowledgeable they answered all our questions and they got to work on our behalf right away. They always keep us informed about my husband’s case. We highly recommend Max Arnold.

    Esme N Santa Rosa, CA
  • I highly recommend Max Arnold, to anybody that has been injured. He was helpful and he got me maximum compensation for my injuries. He closed my case promptly and his staff is also very helpful.

    Yo recomiendo a Max Arnold a cualquier persona que a sufrido una lesion. Me ayudo mucho y me consiguio la maxima compensasion por mis lesions. Cerro mi caso pronto y su secretaria tambien me ayudo mucho.

    Virginia C Santa Rosa, CA
  • Yo honestamente recomiendo al abogado Max Arnold. El me ayudo a mi en in accidente automobilistico donde yo venia de pasajera. Me consiguio tratamiento medico y tambien una buena compensacion Por mis daños.

    I honestly recommend Max Arnold. He helped me with an auto accident I was involved in as a passenger he helped me find medical treatment and he got me a good compensation for the injuries I suffered

    Juana G Santa Rosa, CA
  • This is the second time I have used The Law Office of Max G Arnold and I have not been dissapointed!

    The first time I was in a car accident I was completely naive and clueless. I thought that since I had good insurance I would be taken care of but it’s not the case. I was overwhelmed, clueless and in pain when I was referred to Max Arnold. His staff quickly took my information and got me in that day to see a doctor. They handled all the paperwork from not only my insurance but the other parties also, I didn’t have to worry about a thing! The staff was knowledgeable and walked me through the whole process, they checked in with me to see how I was doing and took care of all my
    medical bills. They took all the stress off of me so I could focus on healing and finding a new car.

    The second time I was in a car accident I did not hesitate to contact The Law Office of Max G Arnold and they worked there magic again. I would definitely use them again but hopefully I don’t have to.

    Paula L Healdsburg, CA
  • I had a very complicated case because I had hired an attorney from Southern CA….I got really frustrated because I was basically going all over the place. I heard of Max Arnold in the Radio station and I immediately called them. The secretary scheduled my appointment right away and I came in and spoke to them, Max and his secretary took the time to explain the process I felt relieved and Max was able to close my case with excellent results. Every time I had a question I called and they always have me peace of mind. I definitely recommend them.

    Carmen A. Santa Rosa, CA

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