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These days, big rigs are a frequent sight on state and national highways. Competition from other shipping options has increased demands on the trucking industry, and it has responded by cutting costs wherever it can. Pay structures often encourage truckers to book excessive hours on the road, at the expense of their ability to operate their vehicles safely.

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Trucking accidents often take place after unsafe maneuvers by tired drivers, and they can end in devastating effect. Trucks are the largest vehicles out on the road, and their sheer heft and size can cause huge accidents. Victims of trucking accidents can severe catastrophic injuries, such as multiple fractures or brain damage. Oftentimes, large medical bills and wage loss follow such events, which frequently leaves the plaintiff in a tough situation when dealing with a hostile insurance carrier.

Once you toss in specialized rules and regulations governing the trucking industry, most individuals facing off against their insurers will likely be outmatched in the courtroom. Anyone who is a victim of a trucking accident needs to have an experienced and reputable personal injury firm that is knowledgeable with every twist and turn in the road. In the past, we’ve helped trucking accident claimants by the hundreds and would love to consult with you about your trucking injury claim.

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We understand that it can be intimidating to continue with a claim against the powerful trucking industry. It’s tough not knowing what to do or how to proceed, and that difficulty alone keeps many people with righteous claims from coming forward. In times where the outcome of the claim could determine one’s health and future, it only makes sense to hire an experienced semi truck accident attorney in Chico to obtain the best possible result!

Our Chico office is staffed with professionals that know the rules of the road when it comes to prosecuting trucking injury claims. For decades, our law firm has been helping people just like you recover for their pain and suffering. Let our lawyer take a look at your case today!

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