Slip-&-Fall Accident

Slip And Fall Accident in Chico


Standing Tall During Rough Times

It is no secret that life is full of good and bad times. We certainly realize this after experiencing a falling accident.

Our bodies are much more fragile than they appear. A hard fall may lead to serious trauma and injuries. Injuries can range from moderate to severe, including sprained ankles, broken hips and more.

Did Your Falling Accident Happen Due To Someone’s Negligence?

No matter how cautious people may be, there is still danger in some form or another. This danger increased when a negligent individual causes risks for others out in public.

We experience everyday situations like a puddle of water in a grocery store or a crooked manhole cover. Dips and dents in sidewalks and other walking paths. Our legal team has experience representing hundreds of individuals who were victims of slip and fall accidents due to the examples listed here. With our experience, we know what needs to be done. These accidents are very unique and must be treated differently than automobile accidents. Slip and fall victims who are not prepared for legal processes may not stand a chance in court.

We are familiar with the requirements needed to prove your slip and fall case. We have navigated the problems related to prosecuting individuals who caused slip and fall accidents. Please contact us so we can thoroughly assess the slip and fall injury you experienced.

We Aim To Assist You In Getting Due Justice

chico car accident attorneyChico Personal Injury Lawyer For Slip and Fall Accidents

We know that contacting a lawyer can seem overwhelming. You have to make a nerve wracking phone call. You have to visit their offices. You must relay your story to the attorney. You are nervous about what to say or do. These factors often make people hesitant to contact an attorney, so they take on the legal system alone. Good legal representation can get you the highest compensation possible. I can assure you that Max will do whatever it takes to make you comfortable. His Chico office is warm, inviting and comforting. We know you are seeking an ally in us. We will help fight your battle and guide you all along the way.