Hit-&-Run Accidents in Chico

Hit-and-Run-chicoWhen confronted with the possibilities of facing consequences for one’s actions, it is a primal instinct for many people to try and take the easy way out to free themselves of any wrongdoing. In simple terms, some people are not particularly responsible to answer for their actions.

This is sometimes the case when it comes to dangerous driving which results in car accidents. Drivers who are the guilty party may be tempted to take the easy way out and flee the scene of the crime, resulting in what is essentially a hit-and-run accident.

Unfortunately, this scenario is a common phenomenon. The victim of the crime tends to suffer the most as he or she bears the brunt of the accident, although they had nothing to do with causing the accident in the first place. This is totally unacceptable and unfair to the victim of a hit and run and by extension to our whole society, which demands that safety in public conduct be maintained at all times.

Scenarios Of Perpetrators Fleeing The Scene Of a Hit and Run

Hit-and-Run-chico-ParadiseIn regard to accidents, it is a crime in California for the parties involved in an accident that results in property damage, or injury to leave the scene of the crime without exchanging contact information. However, some perpetrators opt to flee the scene of the crime, thus breaking the law in the process. The rising cases of hit-and-run accidents point to an uncomfortable and increasing trend in the State of California.

Fortunately for the victims, most of these perpetrators are eventually apprehended and prosecuted. For the victims of such crimes, all is not lost because once apprehended perpetrators of a hit and run are more often than not judged to be guilty of their offense. In the eyes of jurors, people who try to flee the scene of an accident are seen to have a dishonest demeanor, thus, are culpable. Additionally, in the case of a hit-and-run accident, the victim is able to seek punitive damages, which are by far, more than they would have been paid for the damages caused.

Hit And Run in Chico, Paradise, Oroville, Orland, Willows, Yuba City, Gridley, Los Molinos and Corning

chico car accident attorneyIn the cases of hit-and-run accidents, the victim is usually unaware of the identity of the perpetrator of the hit and run accident. In such cases, the victim finds it difficult to prosecute the perpetrators. At Max G. Arnold law offices, we help in the identification of such perpetrators and we are experienced in locating them. Using our network of private detectives all over Northern California, we ensure you get justice for any suffering that is caused to you. Additionally, we also help out in making insurance claims when the perpetrators of a hit and run are not located. This is a challenging thing considering all the complexity involved. Our experienced advocates help you in making the proper insurance claim to ensure success.