Boating Accidents in Chico

Fallout From Boating Accidents in Chico and the Surrounding Areas


There is nothing like being able to make your way out on the open water to enjoy the amazing breeze and beautiful clear water. Each year, there are people all across the country that like to hook up their boats and make their way to a local waterway so that they can spend the day swimming, fishing, jet skiing and so much more.

Unfortunately, this is a past time that can also come along with a number of dangers simply because you are mixing powerful machinery with water and putting it all in the hands of potential human error. There can always be mistakes that will take place, which chico car accident attorneycould lead to collisions with other boats on the water or people who are nearby. An injury that comes from a boating accident can be serious, if not fatal. With some serious injuries, dealing with the insurance company can be a real nightmare and working through this process calls for the help of a professional. Common questions often include:

  • What are laws when involved in a boating accident?
  • How do I make a claim with my insurance company?
  • What do I do if drugs or alcohol were involved and how will that impact my claim?
  • How do I go about recovering from my injuries?
  • What are the legalities in place that may impact my claim?

There are many questions that will often be asked and you want to have a professional on your side who has seen it all. Our experienced legal team offers free consultation to discuss your case.