Why You Should Check for Pain Points After an Accident?

October 31, 2022

Have you recently been injured in a car accident? You may have heard people tell you that the faster you can diagnose your injury, the better off you will be. Or maybe you are unsure if you have suffered extreme injuries after being in a car accident. Sometimes, right after a car accident, people may feel sudden pain. However, this is not always the case. It can take several days to weeks for symptoms to evolve after an accident.

Immediate Pain Following a Car Accident

It is typical to feel immediate pain and soreness right after an accident. Maybe your car was hit by another vehicle or ran into an object. These are types of accidents that can result in substantial injuries. If you experience pain or soreness following a car accident, it is typically due to soft tissue injury to nerves, muscles, or even tendons. You may have even experienced pain caused by soft tissue injury to the bones or joints.

You should receive an examination by a medical professional if you experience immediate pain following an accident that intensifies several days after.

Most of the time, you can expect the pain to last up to eight weeks following a car accident. Many soft tissue injuries have the ability to get better without seeking any medical treatment, but these are typically small soft tissue injuries. If you have suffered a more critical injury, it can take a few months before you begin to improve. The best way to know the extent of your injuries and when you can expect to get better is by receiving a diagnosis and treatment from your doctor.

Delayed Pain Following a Car Accident

Not all injuries show up immediately following a car accident. This is why you should check for pain points following an accident. The majority of times, pain doesn’t show up until days after the accident. This is because car accidents result in the release of adrenaline, which can reduce the amount of pain you actually feel. 

Additionally, there are some symptoms you should watch out for, such as:

  • Headaches – This can be a symptom of a variety of injuries, including a concussion. They may also be present along with vomiting and nausea.
  • Shoulder pain – Pain in the shoulder may be due to a strain and may be accompanied by redness and swelling.
  • Back pain – Pain in the back may not always be immediately obvious. It can be the result of a herniated disc or something similar.
  • Dizziness- It is possible to feel dizziness due to a concussion or a brain injury, which is not always immediately felt.
  • Numbness – You may feel tingling or even numbness related to an injury to your spinal cord or your nerves.

Final Word

Pain and injuries following a car accident are not always immediately known. The best way to know is by receiving a diagnosis from your doctor immediately following an accident, even if you don’t experience any pain right away. Depending on your injuries and their extent, the type of treatment you receive may vary.


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