Is It Worth Getting an Attorney for a Car Accident?

October 11, 2021

Car accidents can range from minor fender benders to fatal pileups. When your accident is on the minor end of the spectrum, you might wonder whether you need a vehicle accident attorney. While your respective insurance companies may handle the bulk of the expenses, talking to an attorney can help improve the outcome. Even if you don’t go to court, a lawyer can be very helpful to your case.

What can a vehicle accident attorney do for you?

Here are some of the ways a lawyer can assist in your car accident case:

  • Get compensation for the full scope of your damages: Maybe you walked away from your accident without a scratch, or with only minor injuries. Unfortunately, many car accidents can cause long-term injuries that don’t appear immediately. You might also suffer from complications that arise long after the initial accident. An experienced personal injury attorney has seen cases similar to yours. They’ll know whether you’re likely to experience long-lasting complications or related “hidden” injuries. As a result, they’ll be able to guide you to appropriate medical evaluations, and ask for fair compensation on your behalf.
  • Negotiate with your insurance company: Many clients are surprised to find out that their insurance companies aren’t on their side, even if the client wasn’t at fault. Insurance companies have a vested interest in paying out as little as possible. When you’re injured in an accident, a vehicle accident attorney can ensure you get a fair settlement—and that you don’t accept any lowball settlement offers. If you were partially at fault, your lawyer can help you present your role in the best light possible.
  • Help find evidence to support your claim: You may have amassed plenty of helpful evidence on your own. However, a good lawyer will know whether you need additional evidence, and where to get it. Security and dash cam footage, police reports and more can be extremely useful in proving fault.
  • Representation in court: The vast majority of car accident claims are settled outside of trial. However, if you should need to file a lawsuit against one or more parties, your vehicle accident attorney is best equipped to represent you. Lawyers not only know how to handle evidence, filing deadlines, discovery requests and other procedural matters, they can also put the best face on your case. If your car accident claim becomes a lawsuit, don’t make the mistake of representing yourself.
  • Related legal advice: In addition to helping you present your case to insurance companies, or before and during trial, attorneys are also able to give you related legal advice. For example, they’ll probably suggest you stay off social media until your case is resolved. Similarly helpful (and strategic) legal advice will help you get a fair outcome.

Hiring a vehicle accident attorney is a smart way to cover all your bases—especially if you’ve suffered long-term injuries, lost wages and other complications. For more information about how a lawyer can help you, call the Law Offices of Max G. Arnold, Inc. today.

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