Create a Post-Accident Pain Journal

November 24, 2020

Even if you’ve never kept a diary in your life, you should keep one after you’ve been in a car crash. Not only is it hard to remember exactly what’s happened after a car crash or other accident (especially if it was traumatic), but keeping a pain and injury journal can help you describe the extent, severity and onset of any medical issues. Even if you don’t think you’ll need to sue for damages, there are still plenty of reasons to keep a journal after an accident in Chico, CA. Here’s what to include:

  • Description of the accident: Our memories tend to fade over time, especially when a shocking or traumatic event has occurred. As soon as you’re able to document the accident, write down or take a video of yourself describing what happened. Try to be as detailed as possible—draw diagrams if you need to—and include items like time, date, location, how many parties were involved, whether you noticed any odd behavior and any other issues that seem helpful or relevant.
  • Information about other parties: If you spoke with the other parties, make sure to note the contents of your conversation in as much detail as possible, including their contact information, the type of car they drove and anything else that could have a bearing on your claim.
  • Location details: Where did your accident occur? What were the weather and road conditions like that day? Was the road in its usual condition (for example, perhaps that road always has a huge, water-filled pothole), or were things different during the accident? How often had you been there before?
  • Your initial injuries: Write down your initial injuries as well as any medical diagnoses. It’s okay if your injuries or diagnosis change over time.
  • Your initial medical treatment: If you received any medical treatment, write that down, too. This should include descriptions of medications and anything else you underwent to treat your injuries.
  • Ongoing doctor’s appointments: Whenever you have a doctor’s appointment, write down the time, date, location, the doctor you saw and what they prescribed or suggested.
  • Daily pain and other symptoms: Jot down your daily pain levels as often as possible. If you notice new symptoms, document those.
  • How the pain affects your life: Finally, make sure you detail how the pain affects your life—for example, if you can’t do the things you’d normally enjoy, like riding a bike or carrying your children piggyback.

How a pain journal can help your claim

The best reason to document ongoing pain after an accident in Chico, CA is that it will help your claim. When an attorney advocates for your case, they need to not only prove that an accident occurred and someone else was responsible, but they also need to show the court that you suffered damages. Having a pain journal available can show the court just how badly your life was affected.

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