The Value of Photos in a Personal Injury Claim

July 10, 2020

Proving your personal injury claim and receiving the maximum amount of damages for your suffering rests on the evidence—and when you have photos of your personal injury or accident in Redding, CA, those can be the pieces of evidence that make or break your case!

Whenever you’re in an accident, it’s important to try and document the evidence as thoroughly as possible, and part of that process should be taking as many pictures as possible that depict the accident scene; the vehicles involved; or your injuries. You should use as many different angles as possible, and also try to get a variety of different perspectives. This helps show the insurance adjuster what happened, and can make them more sympathetic to your claim during settlement negotiations. In the event the case goes to trial, photos can also be a powerful visual aid your lawyer can use to persuade a jury to return an award in your favor.

Getting the right kind of photos

Ideally, an injured accident victim should try and get photos right away, when the evidence is still fresh. Sometimes that’s not possible, particularly if you’re on your own and are occupied dealing with your injuries. You may even be physically incapable of taking pictures at the scene. That being said, don’t worry if you’re unable to accomplish that right away. Sharp attorneys will be sure to document the physical evidence, and may even go back to the scene with you and walk through what happened. Independent witnesses or surveillance cameras might be able to provide more information.

When you’re photographing an accident scene, make sure you get broad views of the scene as well as closeups of any important details. For example, in a slip-and-fall case, you should try to document what caused the falling event, as well as any evidence that might show negligence or carelessness on the part of the property owner—an absence of safety railings, for example, might help convince a jury of the existence of a hazard.

In auto accidents, make sure you get photos of all involved vehicles and other physical objects at the scene. It’s particularly important to obtain photos depicting damage to the other vehicles, as most people (understandably) tend to focus on their own vehicles and property. If you experienced a physical injury, you may also want to consider documenting that with photos, video, or other visual mediums.

Witness photos

If other witnesses have photos, try to get their contact information. Depending on your state’s laws, you may be able to compel them to turn them over, but most people will be more than willing to do what they can to help, particularly since we’re living in a digital era where most everyone can easily take a photo at the drop of a hat with their smartphone.

Ultimately, the value of photos at an accident scene, and throughout your healing process, cannot be understated. Try to get them whenever possible, and if you need help, ask your attorney for assistance.

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