ATV and Off-Roading Accidents

February 19, 2020

ATVs are a popular and fun way to explore nature in a vehicle that can go places your average car can’t—unfortunately, accidents in these vehicles do happen. Do you know what to do if you or a loved one was injured or killed in an ATV accident in Santa Rosa, CA?

As with any sport or recreational vehicle, taking proper safety precautions is a must. Those persons operating an offroad vehicle must do so in a reasonably safe manner. Safe handling of those vehicles diminishes chances of injury. We also a reasonable level of safety and quality from those vehicles, which is important if the accident was caused by malfunctioning equipment.

Oftentimes, ATV accidents are the result of human error—speeding, lacking the requisite strength to operate the four-wheeler, and driving with too many passengers tend to be the factors that get most people in trouble.

Potential causes of action

Depending on the cause of the accident and the specific circumstances, you may be able to recover damages from an accident involving an ATV. First, if there was a manufacturer’s defect that caused an accident, you may be able to pursue a claim against the company that sold the vehicle, or the manufacturer of the vehicle. Second, if your injury was the direct result of someone else’s negligence or illegal behavior (for example, if you were the passenger when someone crashed the vehicle, or you were hit by someone under the influence) they may be held responsible. Depending on the specific circumstances, there may also be sources of insurance (i.e., homeowner’s insurance) that injured victims can make claims against.

If you’re involved in an accident, call the police and emergency services immediately, even if you don’t think you’re injured. If you’re able, document dates, times, locations and other important details. Taking photos of the accident scene can be invaluable in helping to prove the extent of the damage.

Safety tips

When you’re off-roading, you take the chance that accidents will occur in places that emergency vehicles can’t easily access. Use these safety tips to reduce your chances of being seriously injured in a four-wheeler accident in Santa Rosa, CA:

  • Always let someone know where you’re going.
  • Take a cell phone with you in case of emergency.
  • Wear the proper safety gear, and make sure it fits correctly.
  • Make sure children are old enough to ride, and never allow children to operate an ATV.
  • Never drive an ATV under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Take an ATV safety course to ensure you know safe driving practices.
  • Carry a first aid kit, blankets, and flashlights whenever you go out.
  • Don’t drive any ATV with more than its intended maximum number of riders.

Injured in an ATV accident in Santa Rosa, CA?

Contact an attorney today If you or a loved one was injured or killed during an ATV accident, you may be able to pursue a claim to be compensated for your loss. It’s crucial that you speak to a personal injury and insurance attorney right away. Call the Law Offices of Max G. Arnold, Inc. to discuss your accident, potential causes of action and what you can reasonably expect to recover. We’ll be with you every step of the way during this complicated process.

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