The Rights of a Bus Rider Injured in an Accident

January 1, 2020
Buses are generally a safe form of public transportation, but accidents involving buses do happen, which means people riding the bus do open themselves up to at least a small level of injury risk. What happens if you’re a bus rider injured in an accident in Redding, CA? What rights do you have to seek compensation for your medical expenses and pain and suffering? Here’s a quick overview of your legal rights and the steps you should take if you have suffered a bus accident injury.

Fault will play a big role

The processes you use to file your claim will depend in part on whom you believe to have been at fault for the accident. In a standard car accident when you’re driving, the driver’s insurance will handle most of the negotiation and claims process, and you can sit back and focus on your recovery. However, in a bus accident, you may or may not have insurance coverage for the accident, and there may or may not be a third party that was involved in the accident. There might also be issues with immunity to consider—the bus company could be shielded from liability. If there was a third party involved in the accident, such as the driver of another vehicle, and you believe that third party to have been at fault, you will be able to make a third-party claim with that driver’s insurance provider. In doing so, you would seek compensation for damages like lost income, medical expenses and pain and suffering. However, if it’s the bus driver who was at fault in the accident, you can expect the case to become a bit more complex. Buses are frequently operated by government agencies and entities, rather than private companies, and filing a personal injury claim against a public entity will always be more complicated than filing a claim against a private business. This is because government bodies self-insure, and if the government denies the claim, that adds some complication to the process. Claimants also have less time to file a claim or lawsuit against governmental bodies, including those operating buses or other public transit. Finally, there is a very specific process to follow in making those claims, and a failure to follow those rules to the letter could put you at risk of being ineligible to receive compensation later. This is where it becomes extremely important to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer if you’re a bus rider injured in an accident in Redding, CA. There are always lots of regulations and paperwork to consider in personal injury claims, but especially so in claims against government entities, when you’re likely to have even stricter statutes of limitations and procedural requirements. By working with a professional who handles these kinds of cases on a regular basis, you can get much more peace of mind that you’ve followed all the proper protocols for your type of accident. For more information about the rights you have if you’ve been a bus rider injured in an accident in Redding, CA and how to proceed with your case, contact a personal injury lawyer at The Law Office of Max G. Arnold, Inc. today.

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