What Is the Average Amount for Personal Injury Settlements?

September 25, 2019
You’ve suffered a personal injury. You’ve incurred costs related to recovery from this injury. Now you’re wondering how much of your total costs might be covered by a lawsuit. You may be wondering if a personal injury settlement in Santa Rosa, CA is worth pursuing. You might be surprised at the statistics relating to personal injury settlements in Chico, Redding, and Santa Rosa, CA. Working with an attorney, you could get more than you expect. Here’s a quick overview of the average amount plaintiffs receive for personal injury settlements. After you’ve reviewed this information, contact The Law Office of Max G. Arnold, Inc. if you decide you’d like to move forward with your claim.

How much do claimants receive?

There is no set formula to establish the value of a particular injury claim, as each case is different. Typically, an insurance company will look at a plaintiff’s injuries, medical expense, and other losses when analyzing a claim. Ideally, plaintiffs settling their claims will also get compensated for “pain and suffering”, which is monetary compensation for pain, inconvenience, and other intangible factors surrounding the injury.

Why do the payouts vary so greatly?

Several factors can affect how much the claimant receives for a personal injury settlement in Santa Rosa, CA. Of course, the main factor is the injury itself. More serious injuries typically result in higher settlement amounts. Those settlements are usually meant to cover medical expenses, loss of income and other damages incurred, which all tend to be higher with more severe injuries. A serious injury may also involve more valuable claims for pain and suffering, which can add to the total of the settlement. Another important factor to consider with personal injury claims is insurance limits. Even if a case might warrant higher amounts, an insurance company may cap the settlement due to policy limits. In these cases, a qualified attorney will investigate whether a defendant has property, cash accounts, or other assets that could be used to pay damages above-and-beyond insurance limits. The third factor that can greatly affect a personal injury settlement in Santa Rosa, CA is the legal route a claimant takes. Those who hire a lawyer to represent them in the case typically receive higher compensation. This partnership also increases the odds that the plaintiff gets anything at all. Additionally, whether or not the claimant takes steps to involve the court can affect the settlement, as well as whether or not they are willing to negotiate. Often, the threat of taking someone to court is enough to motivate them to settle, and negotiating rather than accepting the first offer can often result in a higher settlement amount.

Can I settle out of court?

Yes, you can. In fact, most personal injury settlements in Santa Rosa, CA are made out of court. Very few go to trial.

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