Why Hire The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold?

Being involved in any kind of accident can feel as though your life has been fliped upside down – all of a sudden, you shoulder the burden of medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. At The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold, we believe that individuals who have been injured at no fault of their own should not be left to pick up the pieces. If you are filing a claim for personal injury and need appropriate legal guidance, The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold can provide you with the support that you’re looking for.

What sets us apart?
Friendliness: We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming environment for everyone we represent. Our legal team understands that you may be going through a very difficult time, but you can rest assured that we are here to make your life easier while we work to earn you fair compensation.

Experience: Our personal injury lawyers in Chico, Max G. Arnold, has over 36 years of legal experience and understands how the legal process works, from filing a claim all the way to the end of the case.

Informational: We take the time to understand all of the details of the accident and how you are feeling before coming up with a legal strategy to pursue. We are happy and eager to keep you informed every step of the way.

Stress relief: Seeking legal counsel doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience and we prove that by providing clients with the emotional and legal support that they need through this trying time. We don’t just want to work for you, but we also want to work with you.

Negotiating skills: Our attorney has proven his litigation skills inside and outside of the courtroom. Max G. Arnold knows what it takes to win a case for a client and our legal team can work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the largest settlement possible.

As a firm that only practices personal injury law, we can assure you that we know the practice well. We use our experience and resources as tools to defend our clients until the very end. We are fully committed to each of the individuals that we represent and care about getting them the compensation that they’re entitled to for their injuries. If you’ve been injured in a personal injury incident, don’t let the negligent party get away with their actions or accept a low-ball offer from an insurance company, which will award you far less than what you are owed. Our team is ready and willing to fight for justice on your behalf.

Get in touch with our Chico personal injury attorney and see what The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold can do for you. Contact us at (707) 535-1920 to schedule your free case evaluation! We have offices located in Chico, Redding, and Santa Rosa.