Barrick Arnold

Barrick Arnold – Associate Attorney in the Chico Office

Personal+Injury+Attorney+Santa+RosaSome search endlessly in pursuit of their chosen calling; some wander aimlessly until they stumble upon a well-trodden path. Not Barrick, the youngest son of Max and Marji Arnold.  His course in life has always charted to a single goal: become an attorney, and use that position to guard the rights of accident victims throughout California.  As with any prestigious target, tribulations and triumph worked hand-in-hand, preparing Barrick’s mind and focus for the difficulties ahead.

Thrust straight into the family business in his teens, Barrick was burdened and blessed in equal parts by the opportunity to help those whose lives were ravaged by the neglectful acts of others.  He tested out of high school in Redding, California, a year early, allowing him to refocus his efforts on assisting the business with its expansion into the Chico and Santa Rosa areas.  For the next several years, he worked closely with his father, while simultaneously continuing his education at Santa Rosa Junior College. During his time at that school, Barrick joined the debate team, where he managed to win multiple state and national awards in debate and public speaking.  After his incredible success in that program, Barrick began his legal studies at Empire Law School in Santa Rosa, California, where he graduated cum laude, after having earned the Bernard Witkin Award for Legal Scholarship in Torts.  He passed the California Bar Exam on his first attempt, and after taking the oath of practice, he set out on his next journey: giving the people a steady, experienced helping hand when they were at their lowest point.

On this journey, Barrick found the love of his life, a brilliant and lovely lady from the state of Kansas named Ashley-Michelle Papon.  Barrick met Ashley at his first national debate tournament, and despite being from two different worlds, the two quickly forged a deep, unbreakable bond.  Barrick and Ashley have been married for nearly four years, and he is honored to have such an amazing person as a sounding board, sparring partner, and soul-mate.  Barrick also has two beautiful children.

He currently resides in his old stomping grounds in the Chico/Redding area, where he fights every day to ensure that the firm’s clients receive effective representation, whatever the nature of their legal problem.