Dealing With Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies Take A Gamble


Insurance companies are basically gamblers. When they issue an insurance policy, they’re betting that the insured individual won’t get into an accident, and then make claims to receive benefits. The way they make money is spending less on claims than the amount they receive for premium payments. Particularly with auto insurance, they make large profits, since everybody is required by law to be covered, and only some people will get into accidents. So you’d think that car insurance companies wouldn’t have any problems using some of their profits in order to pay for legitimate claims.

Wrong. When it comes to corporate America, even having too much money isn’t enough. In our experience, the insurance industry doesn’t stop at anything to deny fair treatment to accident claimants, or the settlements that they deserve and need. The following are some of the main sneaky tacks that an insurance carrier might try to pull on when you try to file a claim with them:

They Call You While You Are Still In Shock

The trauma that is caused by a slip and fall, dog bite, car accident or other kind of traumatic event frequently leaves the injured individual in a great state of shock. Their body at that point is still trying to deal with their injury’s immediate effects. As a result, in many cases, they are unable to use their best judgment and can’t think straight. Especially if an accident victim has sustained a head injury, they are not in any sort of condition to sign documents or make witness statements that could potentially affect their legal rights in any way.

Insurance companies are very aware of these facts. They will frequently attempt to take advantage of individuals still in a state of shock following an accident. In fact, we have seen insurance companies call injured victims within just a few hours following an accident, and it’s never done for any honest reason. A majority of the time, they’re attempting to get a victim to give a misleading statement; at times they will even bring a release with a check in-hand, in hopes that they can eliminate a potentially substantial injury claim cheap by paying pennies on the dollar. What the insurance companies are hoping to do is catch victims at a time when they’re incapable of clear judgment or memory. When they do, it can have tragic results.

They Twist Your Words Around When They Call


Insurance adjusters have been trained to sound reassuring and pleasant over the telephone. When attempting to sound friendly, they may try using the following statements when they are attempting to gather information for auto claims:

“It sounds like there wasn’t a lot of damage done to the cars.”

“So you can’t really remember what happened?”

“Thank goodness you didn’t get too badly hurt.”

“Fortunately, it was a fairly low-speed impact.”

“It sounds like you feel pretty good.”

“So the accident wasn’t that bad, right?”

These kinds of sentiments would usually be innocent, and the individuals stating them would genuinely be concerned.

However, when it is a claims adjuster that you are dealing with, you need to keep in mind that they are just trying to reduce the amount of your claim. They are most likely try to put words into your mouth. It’s their job and advancing in their company is based on reducing the amount you receive, and preventing you from getting what you deserve. That sounds pretty awful, right? What’s even worse is they’re attempting to trick somebody while they’re still suffering from the injuries and trauma they have suffered from a slip and fall, dog bite, car accident or some other kind of injury.

They String Along Claimants With False Promises Of Treating Them Fairly

After a claims adjuster has taken a statement, he will frequently assure the injured claimant that all they have to do is sit back, sign a few medical authorizations and follow their doctor’s orders. They assure them that everything is going to be just fine.

Then things start to change when it comes time to start discussing your claim being settled. That’s when the adjuster starts to point out problems that your case supposedly has, such as lack of extensive damage sustained in the accident or gaps in your medical treatment. They will deny making any promises to pay any of your out-of-pocket costs, despite how accommodating and friendly they were at the beginning stage of your claim. And nine out of ten times, their offer doesn’t even come close to paying for your lost wages and medical bills. The reason insurance companies do these things is because they are aware of the fact that the risk and expenses of a litigating a case is sufficient enough to deter most victims and pressure them into accepting a rock-bottom offer, even when they have a legitimate serious injury claim.


The best thing you can do to avoid falling into these potential traps is contacting an attorney right away. Many of the pitfalls that are inherent in filing an injury claim can be avoided by having an experienced accident attorney working on your behalf. The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the highest recovery possible, yet minimizing the expenses and risks of formalized litigation. If you are in need of an attorney in Paradise, Oroville, Orland, Willows, Yuba City, Gridley, Los Molinos or Corning for a personal injury claim, call us today!


Helpful Hints

chico car accident attorneyIf a representative from an insurance company contacts you in the meantime, here is phrase you should use:

“I was just in a serious accident. I know that this isn’t the kind of conversation I should be having right now.”

Then just hang up your phone. Don’t make any other statements without help from your attorney.

What Should I Be Doing As I Am Searching For A Good Accident Attorney?

If you or a member of your family has recently been injured in a slip and fall, dog bite, bicycle or car accident, we suggest that the following actions be taken:

Get appropriate medical attention immediately, and follow the advice that your doctor gives to you. In the beginning, your main priority should be to assess the extent and seriousness of your injuries, and developing a treatment plan for them.

Notify your insurance company that you’ve been in an accident. Ask them about what underinsured/uninsured motorist, medical payments or other coverage you have. Don’t ever speak to anybody from the responsibly party’s insurance company that attempts to contact you.

Hire Max G. Arnold, the personal injury attorney to protect your rights today!