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Rohnert Park Auto Injury AttorneyRohnert Park Auto Injury Attorney

Did you recently sustain an injury in an automobile accident?

Were your injuries the result of someone’s careless or negligent actions?

If this is the case, then you legally can sue for compensation for your pain and suffering, your medical bills, and any lost wages as a result of missed time from work due to the accident.

Instead of being bullied by insurance adjusters who want to settle with you for less than you have a right to, contact Max G Arnold for legal representation.

The attorneys you’ll find at Max G Arnold, won’t rest until you have been awarded the right amount of compensation. These are some of the cases that they have helped victims with: disfigurement, soft tissue injury, paralysis, neck injury, whiplash, burns, and many other problems that make life more difficult after the accident for the victim.

Rohnert Park Auto Injury AttorneyIn order to recover damages in the proper amounts, personal injury accident victims must understand what their rights are and have help to deal with the insurance companies. To be sure that you receive the full amount of compensation your injury entitles you to, the lawyers at Max G Arnold take steps to fight against the aggressive policies of the insurance company’s legal department. Even if you don’t have your own health insurance policy, we will help you get the medical treatment you need for your injuries.

An experienced attorney at Max G Arnold will meet with you to give you a free consultation about your case. This valuable one on one time gives you the opportunity to talk about all of your worries and concerns about your auto accident, dog bite, pedestrian accident, trucking accident, bus accident, or anything else that is related to your injury. Take action right away by contacting Max G Arnold and his team of competent Injury Attorneys.  Getting injured does not mean that you don’t have legal rights. We will help you to protect them.