Dog Bite Accidents

Bitten By a Dog in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Clearlake, or Surrounding Areas?

dog+bite+attorney+santa+rosaA dog can be man’s best friend.  It can also be a four-legged terror set on sinking its teeth into you.

Sound dramatic?  Well, if you’ve been attacked and bitten by a dog in Santa Rosa; Petaluma; Clearlake; Rohnert Park; or surrounding areas, then you know how terrifying those incidents are.  The bite hurts, the pain lingers, and the scars may never go away.

Answers and Tips

While you’re dealing with all that unpleasantness, questions inevitably spring into your mind.  What do you do?  What kind of insurance covers this incident?  Is the owner liable for the dog attack?

Well, here are some answers and tips prepared by our attorneys to help get you started:

  • First, read our Dealing with Insurance Companies Walkthrough
  • Dog bites may be covered under the homeowner’s insurance of the dog owner, so try (keeping your own safety in mind) to get that information as soon as possible.
  • California has a “Dog Bite Statute”, which means that the law presumes that the owner of a dog who has attacked someone is responsible for that person’s injuries.  As with many other legal concepts, determining this law’s impact on your case can be difficult.  We suggest that you call our dog bite attorneys so we can help you navigate the complexities.
  • Preserve proof that you were bitten.  Photos taken by an independent witness are the best; make sure that you can prove those pictures were taken in the aftermath of the attack.  Don’t have a camera? Don’t know which doctors will turn you away because someone else is at fault for your injury? Call our dog bite attorneys, and we can find you not only someone you can trust to help, but also document your injuries quickly.
  • Get medical attention as quickly as you can.  Unless you are absolutely sure that the dog did not have rabies, it is essential that you get examined by a doctor as quickly as possible after the bite.  Infections and other developments from the attack can be life-threatening, so make sure to keep watch for unusual symptoms.  
  • Have there been complaints about the dog that bit you before?  Your neighbors might know, and so might the local Animal Control office.  Want us to ask for you?  Call our dog bite attorneys, and hire us to be your advocate, detective, and voice while you rest and recover.

That’s a lot of information, right?  Well, the process can all be overwhelming, but having an experienced accident attorney is a good way to make it a lot easier.

We Can Help You Get What You Deserve

santa rosa car accident attorneyWe understand this process is new (and scary) for most accident victims. You’re in pain. Your car has been destroyed. Medical bills are piling up. The responsible party’s insurance company won’t even give you the time of day. Faced with such adversity, it’s no wonder injury claimants are often suckered into signing away their claims for pennies on the dollar.

Your injury claim requires the assistance of trained professionals, who know how to anticipate (and avoid) the roadblocks and obstacles the insurance industry will put between you and a fair settlement. We’ve been in the business for over thirty years, and have been helping North Bay residents get fair outcomes since 2000. If you don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to take on the insurance companies, let us do it for you!

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  • Accident leaving you broke? We advance all costs and fees until your case concludes, at no up-front cost to you.
  • Worried about your insurance rates going up? Don’t be. If you didn’t cause the accident, our experience shows that your rates will not increase.

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