Wrongful Death Suits

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Car accidents are responsible for thousands upon thousands of deaths every year and losing someone you love and care for is the biggest fear and an even worse reality surrounding a car accident. When someone loses a loved one to a car accident it is an experience that can be too devastating to describe. The pain and grief experienced by those left behind is catastrophic.

Although it may seem heartless to go over a injury claim during a time like this it is unfortunately something that must be done. It is sad and unfortunate but insurance companies are in it for the money and will go to great lengths to protect their interests during the process of a wrongful death claim.

Regardless of who the car accident has taken and how devastated those left behind may feel, all the insurance company really cares about is how much money will have to be paid to settle a wrongful death claim. Unfortunately this may even mean preying on the vulnerability that is experienced after such a loss just to save a buck or two.

Losing someone you love so tragically can be a difficult, confusing and trying time for you and during your time of deep grief and confusion, the last thing you want to deal with is an insurance company while in the process of mourning. It is very important to note that acquiring legal assistance is an absolute must in a situation as devastating and difficult such as dealing with a wrongful death claim. You need a 3rd party that can do the fighting for you.

redding car accident attorneyAlthough it is tough, it is a journey which we have positively assisted many on in the Northern California Area since 1985 and it is our goal to assist you during this difficult time by ensuring that the party that is at fault for your terrible loss is held responsible.

Calling up a lawyer, making an appointment to go over your story seems impossible and even scary. Many times it is the fear of not knowing what to do or say and what is expected that cause many people to take this journey alone. That is not a good idea.

This is a serious matter and here at the law offices of Max G. Arnold we treat each individual situation with utmost compassion and respect. Our attorneys are friendly, helpful, welcoming and reassuring and will do their best to guide you and help you all along the way. Our personal injury wrongful death attorneys at our Santa Rosa,Redding and Chico locations are your allies and we are here to assist you in obtaining what you so rightfully deserve.

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