Injury Attorney Weed CaThe town of Weed, California gets its name from Abner Weed. Mr. Weed bought a lumber mill sitting on 280 acres for the tall sum of $400.00 in 1897. It was well known the areas strong winds were an asset in drying fresh cut lumber.

In September 2014, a fast moving wildfire backed by 40 mile an hour winds destroyed over 200 acres of land. Over 200 structures were destroyed or damaged including the schools, many businesses and private homes. Total land size is approximately 4,795 square miles. Weed is located at the intersection of Interstate 5 and U.S. Route 97. Interstate 5 is the primary north-south transportation corridor for the west coast of the United States running from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. It’s good to know a car accident attorney that is familiar with the local laws in Weed.

When Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney in Weed CA

Damage of one’s property

Losing property is one of the worst things that could happen after an accident. The victim’s car can be destroyed beyond repair. In the event of an accident, you will have to find a way through your own policy to compensate someone, if you are at fault. You may get compensation through the other person Insurance company if you are not at fault

You can have issues with the initial settlement offer from the Insurance company. The initial offer could be too low to completely cover medical or repair bills stemming from the accident.

To ensure you get what you are rightly entitled to, you will want the help of an experienced attorney, who will use his skills and competence to serve you and help you get a solid claim. Max G. Arnold and staff know Weed CA, understand the local laws and can help get you the best settlement possible.

Getting a Personal Injury Lawyer in Weed CA

Accident injuries should be dealt with immediately to avoid the problems that can arise when delayed, where injuries cannot be proven they occurred through the accident you are placing a claim against.

It is important to have a Personal Injury Attorney like Max and staff who will represent you, and through their knowledge take up the battle of ensuring that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

You must always remember that there are a lot of issues when it comes to receiving a total compensation on losses. Every Insurance company will work to ensure that every loss is indeed true and will not pay more. You should make sure that all your paperwork is organized and in the right place. You will definitely have to get the help of a Weed Personal Injury Attorney, in case you have issues with your medical bills.

Clients have been able to get a fair compensation, but its important you hire the right attorney to fight for you and have the experience in dealing with insurance companies.

Our Weed CA attorneys have worked with insurance providers and have helped clients get reimbursement for damages that are hard to deal with, for example;

  • Mental Problems
  • Pain and distress


2You will not always get the help and compensation you rightly deserve if you have lost your property or got injured after an accident if you do not file in a timely manner. A short time is given under the state and federal law, for an individual to file his own claim. Contact us as soon as possible to help you get the best possible outcome for your case.