Slip-&-Fall Accident

Slip And Fall Accidents in Redding and Surrounding Areas


There are always times in life when there are highs and lows. It is very common to feel this way once a person goes through some sort of a nasty fall. It goes without saying that the human body is very fragile and any trauma that it takes on can be devastating in some instances. Depending on the type of slip and fall accident, there can be a torn ankle, broken hip, fractures and more.




Did You Suffer A Slip And Fall That Was Caused By Someone Else?

redding car accident attorneyThe world can be a very dangerous place even if someone is trying to do things the right way. However, whenever there is some sort of negligence involved, the hazard to the general public becomes much greater. For example, there could be a manhole cover that is not placed properly, a puddle of water in the aisle of a grocery store or even a mislabeled step that causes someone to trip. At our firm, we have seen hundreds of different cases where our clients have gone through an injury from a slip and fall that was caused by the negligence of others. With all of this experience, we know full well how to handle these situations.

Because we know that you have to be able to prove your case, we will work with you through every step of the process to get you the outcome that you are hoping for from your slip and fall injury action.