Property Owner Negligence

Were You Injured on Someone’s Property in Redding, Weaverville, Mt. Shasta, Weed or surrounding areas?


Standing on Shaky Ground

Getting injured at the property of another is a disorientating, traumatic experience.  The human body is a fragile thing, and the trauma suffered during a hard fall or impact can cause a variety of serious injuries, ranging from concussions to fractures to burns.



Was Your Injury Caused by A Property Owner’s Negligence?

redding car accident attorneyEven when people are taking care of business, the world is a pretty dangerous place.  It becomes much more so when someone’s negligence creates a hazard.

Were you injured because of defective or negligently maintained stairways, walkways, floors, decks, or other dangerous conditions, such as a termite-infested deck that can’t support human weight?

Our firm has represented hundreds of people injured in all kinds of accidents caused by the negligence of property owners, and as a result, we know how to handle them correctly.  They require an entirely different approach than motor vehicle accidents, and folks unprepared for those difficulties often lose those fights before they even start.

We know what you need to prove.  We’ve worked through the difficulties of prosecuting claims against negligent property owners for scores of injured claimants. So let is evaluate your injury claim today!