Hit-&-Run Accident

Legal Help For Victims Of Hit & Run Accidents


Hit And Run Accidents: Escaping The Consequences

People who make bad decisions often run away from the fallout that occurs. When they have an accident while driving, they wish to escape accountability. Perhaps they are intoxicated. They understand that if the police and the victim discovers that they were drinking and driving that there will be big trouble for themselves.

However, if you have ever been out in your brand new, or even not-so-new, car and been hit by someone who just sped away, you know what that feels like. Hit and run accident are on the rise. More people are getting stuck on the side of the road wondering who it was that just came by to ruin their day.

It Is Against The Law To Flee The Scene Of An Accident


In the State of California, both parties in an accident involving property damage, personal injury, or both must exchange insurance information with each other prior to leaving the scene of an accident. Even though this law is on the books, people flee the scene anyway. It happens more often than you would guess.

Not only is it not fair to you, it also adversely affects your family and community. Most people who don’t stick around after they are involved in an accident wind up getting caught. So, it isn’t an easy way out. Once they’ve been nabbed, the legal process is easier for their victims and more difficult for themselves.

Why is this so? There are many reasons. If the case comes to trial, a jury of their peers will not be likely to side in their favor. That’s especially true if members of the jury are called from hard working communities such as Cottonwood, Anderson, Redding, Red Bluff, Shasta Lake, or other nearby areas.

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In addition, the law allows injured parties in hit and run accident cases to seek punitive damages. Punitive damages do not include the cost of injuries and accident attorneys use them as bargaining tools to get a good settlement for their clients.