Do I Have a Case?

So … Do I Have a Case?

That’s a good question!  Every injury claim is different, and due to the variety of factors in play, analyzing them is a tricky process.  Here are some things you may want to consider:

Max+G+Arnold+Santa+Rosa+Personal+InjuryMotor vehicle collisions are very common, and the forces from such incidents will normally injure the parties involved.  Accident victims often find that evaluating and prosecuting a claim while they’re receiving treatment for bodily injuries is a daunting process.  Here are some questions you should be asking yourself if you’re considering an auto accident claim:

  • Who was responsible for causing the accident?
  • Did any other party (including you) play a role in causing the accident?
  • What injuries did you suffer from the collision?
  • Have you received medical care as a result of the accident?  If so, have your doctors told you that you were injured from the accident?
  • Do you have any wage loss?
  • Will you suffer any future medical bills or earnings loss?
  • Was the responsible party insured?  If not, is coverage for the accident available under your auto insurance policy?

Dog Attacks:

Dog bites are a surprisingly frequent occurrence nowadays, and the injuries suffered during those attacks can by very severe.  Making things more difficult is the fact that California has many specialized rules in place for animal attacks, and anyone prosecuting those matters unassisted is asking for a bad settlement…….or worse.  Luckily, we have lots of experience representing dog-bite victims, and would love to help you with your case.  Here are some questions you might consider before giving us a call:

  • Do you know who owns the offending dog?
  • Does the dog’s owner have insurance that would cover your losses?  If so, is there an exclusion for dog bites?
  • California law has many different rules and laws pertaining to dog attacks — do any of those apply to my case?
  • What kind of injuries did you suffer from the incident?  What kind of medical treatment will you need?
  • Is there scarring, or any other permanent injuries?
  • Did you do anything to provoke the attack, or put yourself in harm’s way?  If so, is there a reasonable explanation for your actions?

Slip-And-Fall/Property Incidents:

Every tenant and property owner is under a legal duty to ensure a reasonably safe premises, and their failure to do that job properly can lead to serious consequences for the public.  We see it everywhere: the unmarked pool of water in the produce aisle.  The rickety deck that hasn’t been fixed in decades.  Poor or non-existent lighting of a darkened stairwell.  These, and a host of other negligently-maintained conditions, cause injury every day.  When you become a victim of another’s carelessness, you should be compensated accordingly.  Here are some things you need to think about before making the claim:

  • What kind of accident caused your injuries?
  • Did your accident occur because someone failed to provide a safe premises?
  • Were there any independent witnesses to the incident?  If so, can they provide a statement corroborating your claims?
  • Was there any camera recording, or other audio/video evidence of the incident?
  • Were you doing anything careless at the time of fall (checking your phone, running, etc.)?
  • What kind of injuries did you suffer?  What kind of medical treatment have you received?
  • Will you have any future medical bills, wage loss, or other damages?
  • Is there liability insurance available to cover my damages?  What about med-pay, or other forms of insurance?

As you can see, there are a multitude of factors that need to be analyzed with any injury claim.  People in the Santa Rosa area have been coming to us for years with their problems, and our record of good results speaks for itself.  Don’t try and tangle with the insurance industry while you’re recovering from your injuries — let an experienced, professional accident firm handle your injury claim today!