Bus Accidents

Bus Accidents: What You Need To Know


During harder, economic times, a lot of people are using buses and other forms of public transportation for small shopping trips, daily commutes, visiting family and so much more.

Riding a bus is a very widely used option, as it is quite affordable compared to all other alternatives. Bus companies aim to make the most of their profits, so they have to reduce costs to keep up with the demand. Due to this, bus companies are not recruiting as many drivers. In many cases, the few bus drivers who are employed work long hours for low pay. Bus drivers often drive long and repetitive routes which easily cause them to become overly tired and distracted. This kind of stress makes it very likely for a driver to make a mistake that could lead to truly devastating accidents on the road.


Bus accidents are often very severe because of the size and force of a bus. In many cases, bodily harm occurs that is extremely dangerous or even fatal. Victims of bus accidents are often in no shape to battle against the bus companies, as they are struggling to recover from the accident. In addition to this, very unique laws and regulations are in place for bus accidents. This makes it difficult to file injury claims, so the assistance of an injury lawyer is greatly needed.