Boating Accidents in Redding and Surrounding Areas

How to Get Assistance from Max, a Personal Injury Boating Accident Attorney in Redding and the Surrounding Areas


What a great way to spend your afternoon enjoying nature’s endowed beauty. The combination of the blue waters, a cool breeze, and a sunny day makes our lakes and waterways the place to be. Each year, many Americans set up their boats and head off to the nearby waterways where they spend their time jet-skiing, fishing, boating and so much more.

During nice weather, our lakes and waterways are often overcrowded, making it a bit unsafe for those with boats and with all levels of experience. Human beings are bound to make mistakes that cause boating accidents. In other cases, those jet skiing may be involved in accidents that are quite risky and dangerous.

Injuries as a result of boating accidents are very dangerous and usually include the involvement of Insurance companies. Insurance companies are out for their own best interests , not yours. The following are some of the questions those involved in a boating accident should have in mind:

  • What kind of insurance can I make a claim against?
  • What are the laws and regulations involved in boating accidents?
  • How does involvement of alcohol or drug impact the claim?
  • Whom do I see, to help recover from the injuries?
  • Can I make a claim, even if I was partially to blame for the incident?
  • How do legal documents such as “assumption of the risk” affect my particular claim?

Assistance from a Personal Injury Boating Accident Attorney Redding

redding car accident attorneyWhat Attorney should represent me?  Max G Arnold, is a boating accident Attorney in Redding. His warm and inviting Redding office and personal attention to your needs are both reassuring and calming.  All your questions will be answered in easy to understand terms and a careful strategy moving forward will provide the peace of mind needed for you to focus on what is most important, healing and staying healthy.  Let us handle your boating accident problem in a friendly and warm manner as well as give personal attention to your case. We are just a phone call away. Call and book your free consultation.