Wrongful Death Suits

Wrongful Death – Losing A Loved One In An Accident: The Aftermath


We think about the possibility but go through life hoping that it never happens to us. The thought of losing someone we love due to a car accident is devastating.

However, the real truth is that automobile accidents take many lives each year. After the tragedy, family members and other loved ones experience grief in excruciating measure. The suddenness and magnitude of the loss leaves people unable to express the immensity of their tragedy.

Families need to sit down and have a conversation about filing an injury claim in the midst of their grief. Insurance companies understand just how devastated people are after losing someone. Understanding that it is difficult for the bereaved to think clearly, they move to act quickly to reach a settlement. Since a death has occurred, money must be paid out in order to close out the paperwork and the lower the amount of the cash settlement, the better it is for the insurance company. Insurance companies are in the business of grief and death and have no difficulty with taking advantage of your grief to reduce the size of the pay out.

During the period after a death has occurred, family members need time to pay their respects and to collect their thoughts without having to deal with importunate insurance company representatives. We help people to get through these trying times. Wrongful death claims are emotional and complex which is why families require legal assistance.

We work to ensure that the person or company responsible for the loss of your loved one will be held responsible.

chico car accident attorneyOur Personal Injury Wrongful Death Attorney Will Help You Get The Settlement You Need

Getting the help you need can be intimidating. Perhaps, making the call for legal help leaves you speechless. Or, you are unfamiliar with how law offices operate. The story of your loss may be difficult to tell. You may be unsure of what you should say or how you should act.

This is why some people choose to fight their legal battles on their own instead of calling in the expert services of a well-trained lawyer. Because we understand that legal offices can be intimidating, our staff and lawyers work hard to welcome you in our friendly and assuring office location.

You need an ally and we promise to fulfill that role for you. We explain the twists and turns in the road ahead and fight for you along the way.