Truck Accidents


These days, there are big rigs all over the roads. Other shipping options have increased the competition, and made the demands on the trucking industry higher than they ever have been before. One way that trucking companies keep their prices down is through cutting corners, and with pay structures that urge drivers to keep pushing hard, frequently at the expense of being able to operate their trucks properly.

Trucking accidents can take place whenever a driver is tired and makes mistakes, which can end up with tragic results. Trucks are the largest vehicles out on the road. In a wreck, they can be quite dangerous due to their size. Victims can suffer very substantial injuries as a result, like head trauma or fractures. Wage loss and enormous medical bills are often the result of these collisions, frequently leaving the plaintiff in a tough situation as he or she tries to deal with an opposing insurance company. If you add in the inherent complexities that trucking-specific laws and regulations present, a majority of individuals attempting to fight this battle by themselves will end up in very bad shape.

Anyone who is a victim of a trucking accident needs to have an experienced and reputable personal injury firm that is knowledgable with every twist and turn in the road. In the past, we’ve helped trucking accident claimants by the hundreds, and would love to consult with you about your trucking injury claim. Give us a call and put us to work right away!

chico car accident attorneyWe understand how intimidating it can be to call a lawyer or walk into a law office to tell your story. It can be tough not knowing what to say or do. These are some of the major things that prevent many people from giving a lawyer a call. Instead, they decide to fight the battle themselves. Of course it is a serious moment, your health and life are on the line. However, our lawyers do try their best to maintain an assuring, welcoming and friendly office. You are, after all, looking for an ally to be on your side. You need someone who can explain the curves ahead in the road and fight for you.

Our lawyers know those curves very well. For decades, we’ve been helping injured individuals just like you. People who simply don’t have the time, desire or energy to try and deal on their own with a claims adjuster who will do whatever he can to frustrate, confuse and deny all attempts to get a fair settlement.