The Basics

The Basics of Personal Injury Law

Ditch the Hassle, and Avoid the Frustration

The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold wants to talk with you today about your personal injury accident. Call our caring Santa Rosa law office staff so we can talk about what happened to you (car accident, dog bite, or bicycle accident?) and what injuries you’ve suffered as a result. We’re here to listen, and we’re here to help.

It’s a hassle. It’s frustrating. It’s just not worth all the effort! And you’re not the only one saying that: most people already have busy lives, and don’t have the time at the end of the day to worry about fighting with an insurance company.

That’s where we come in. You come to us, and we’ll deal with them. No more letters, calls, or rude adjusters to deal with. Instead. you can focus on your recovery, while we focus on getting you fair compensation for your injuries.

Don’t Wait! The Clock is Ticking!

Every injury claim has a deadline, which can be influenced by a variety of factors. Your age. Who hurt you. What happened to you (car accident, dog bite, etc.). Each of these can change the statute of limitations on your case. The statute of limitations is a law that requires people to present legal claims within a certain amount of time; if they fail to do so, they may lose their right to act permanently! Respecting the deadline is essential, and determining it depends on a lot of factors that require the assistance of an experienced accident attorney. We can’t help you until you put us to work, so contact us today!

Whatever your choice of counsel, it is essential that you act before your statute expires, because if you don’t, you will likely lose your claim forever. And forever is a long time….

Call us, or send us an email right now, and we can help you figure out the answer to this most important question.

Dealing With Insurance Companies – Do You Really Need A Lawyer?

Personal+Injury+Santa+RosaLook. “Need” is a strong word. It is certainly possible to try and settle a case on your own. But if you do, it will be a totally uneven match with a skilled and cunning adversary whose only job is to minimize claims payments.

When you make a claim against an insurance policy, it is referred to a pool of claims adjusters. From Day One, they are trained to take whatever actions are necessary to devalue your injury claim. Their job is to give you as little money as possible for your claim, even if they have to do it by unfair, unethical, and underhanded tactics. Their questions are meant to trick you. Their suggestions will leave out incredibly important information, and their offers are almost never what you deserve.

Why? They’re a corporation, and profit-driven at all times. They have no compassion for your pain and suffering. Their only job is to look out for the company’s best interests. Often, this means making money at your expense. By stonewalling, deceiving, and confusing you, they have a chance at getting you to give up, or convincing you to accept a tiny settlement.

So what can you do against a system built to break you? You can hire someone fit to fight them.

Hire Us, and Get What You Deserve!

Max isn’t like your stereotypical attorney, who spends his days lounging about in a fancy office, and his nights clinking glasses of wine with those same folks he told you he was going to fight on your behalf. He isn’t just in this for money, or the ego. He’s been helping personal injury victims for decades. He’s been helping people just like you, and that’s all he’s been doing for the past thirty years.

Max knows the insurance companies’ tricks and weaknesses. He knows when to play nice, and when to push hard. Which companies settle at mediation, and which adjusters to avoid like the plague. A master negotiator, a lion for the cause, and someone who has devoted his life to helping injured people get fair settlements. Don’t pick just another suit, or the adjuster’s golf buddy. Pick Max. Pick the lion.

What We Can Help You With

We handle all of the following types of personal injury cases.

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