Texting Driver Accidents

Hit By a Texting Driver in Chico, Corning, Los Molinos, Yuba City or Surrounding Areas?

Santa+Rosa+Texting+Accident+Personal+InjuryThe newest plague of accidents to hit Santa Rosa; Petaluma; Rohnert Park; Clearlake; and surrounding areas, is one you’ve probably heard all about: drivers impaired by texting.  Driving is already hard enough without someone buried in their cell phone, responding with emoticons and “lol”s to their “bae”.  The attention required by our devices is attention that should be diverted towards driving safely.

This is no joke, as recent studies suggest that texting while driving is just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated.  It just makes everything that much harder, and a whole lot deadlier when things go wrong.

chico car accident attorneyDespite the ad campaigns, pledges, and increased criminal penalties, people are still doing it.  And it’s not just teens: little old ladies, parents, and even police officers are doing it behind the wheel, every single day. And each time they do, they put you and your families’ lives at risk.

Texting can add new elements to your injury claim, as well as new questions.  How can you prove that the person was texting?  What’s the process behind finding that information out?  How does it affect the value of your injury claim?

You shouldn’t have to suffer further by poking around in the dark for answers.  Let us help you hold the responsible party accountable. Call us today, and put Max to work for you!