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The town of Paradise sits on a wide ridge between two canyons approximately 10 miles east of Chico and approximately 85 miles to the north of Sacramento. Paradise is considered a part of Chico’s Metropolitan area and boasts a population of over 26,000 residents. With such a growing population, Paradise can count on a competent team of attorneys that know the area and local laws well.

Personal Injury in Paradise, California

With more and more automobiles on the road this year, the need for a qualified car accident attorney is greater now than ever before. In Northern California, more than a few thousand motorists are affected by car accidents every year and passengers and innocent pedestrians have not gone unscathed.

In many of these instances people sustained mild to serious injuries through no fault of their own.

If this has happened to you then, with the support of our qualified attorneys, you may be eligible for compensation in a settlement. Insurance policies are required for all motorists, this means if you are injured in an accident, a claim can be made against the insurance company for compensation covering personal injuries.

Car Accidents in Paradise California

This is the specialty of Max G. Arnold, even if the injuries were caused by a driver without valid insurance. Our highly experienced team of professionals come from a long history of successful cases involving automobile accidents, property owner negligence suits and even dog bites, to mention but a few accolades from our case histories.

chico car accident attorneyWe specialize in handling claims of all types of injuries whether you are personally responsible or not. To find out what we can do for you and the particulars of your situation call our 24-Hour-Hotline at 1-800-245-1958.

Our firm is here to offer to support to families and individuals who have been victims of negligence in its many forms. We have extensive experience with trucking, motorbike and car accidents as well as injuries caused by dog bites and an entire spectrum of malpractice, liability and negligence cases.

If you are injured don’t get mad, get Help. Max G Arnold and our Team of qualified legal counselors will handle your case as soon as you pick up the phone and call.